How Pokemon Go Has Helped Animals

We are all now officially existing in the era of Pokemon Go, folks. It’s been downloaded by more than 40 million people worldwide, which is more than the entire population of Canada. The nonconformist rebel in me has been fruitlessly trying to avoid this craze, but it’s now simply become impossible. I relent!

For those of you who don’t know what it is, allow me to (try to) explain. The aim of the game is to catch Pokemon. These lil fellas have been hidden across the world in real locations, and you can see them through your phone camera. The technical term is ‘augmented reality’, but in layman’s talk it means that people are wandering around in all sorts of unusual places across the real world trying to find Pokemon using their phones. You dig?

Whilst Pokemon Go has attracted some controversy by causing accidents, it has also unexpectedly led to a few good news stories too. Young’uns Sara Perez and her buddy Matthew Teague were playing Pokemon Go in the park a couple of weeks back in South Houston, when they happened upon an odd looking box. On further inspection, it was a cage of 20 hamsters and 7 baby mice that had been abandoned, sweltering in the heat.

Sara Perez

“We were just surprised and confused, and we looked around the park and called out to see if anyone was there, but there was no one,” Perez told Click2Houston. The animals were left without any water and only a little food. “I had my friend [Matthew] pick up the box and we carried it to my house, and we set them on our table and just gave them clean water and fresh food and bedding.”

Sara and Matthew took the animals to the Houston SPCA, who are now taking care of the animals. And if it wasn’t for Pokemon Go, these little furry guys and gals might not have survived. “I never would have walked that far from my house if I didn’t want to take over that [Pokemon] gym,” Perez said. “But I’m glad I did.”

But wait, there’s more! After scouring Houston SPCA’s Facebook page, I found that one of the hamsters has already been adopted by a little girl named Zoe, now living in his forever home. It’s been reported that three more hamsters are also enjoying a similarly happy ending, having been adopted since the rescue. Hopefully more families will come forward to adopt the rest of the little fluffballs soon.

Houston SPCA

This wasn’t the only rescue, mind. Two young women in Texas found an injured puppy whilst they were out playing Pokemon Go, and managed to raise enough money within the space of a few days to cover his medical bills. Their GoFundMe page raised $2,000 for the pup and other abandoned animals like him in the local area.

Wendy's Misfits

This particular puppy has now been adopted by a loving family, and the adopter commented on the GoFundMe page to say he is “fitting right in”. Now doesn’t that just make your heart swell.

Wendy's Misfits 2

Meanwhile in Indiana, one animal shelter had a flash of genius. Muncie Animal Shelter have cleverly seen Pokemon Go as the perfect opportunity to encourage kiddlywinks to come and walk their adoptable dogs while they play the game. “I just thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could pair these people who are already out walking with shelter dogs who need exercise and stimulation?” the director of the shelter Phil Pechingpaugh told Upworthy. Now the local kids can help animals and catch Pokemon simultaneously. Bonus.

Muncie Animal Shelter

The ad that Phil helped devise was shared on Facebook over 28,000 times and has been a wild success. They welcomed 70 willing dog-walkers in the space of a day on one occasion. As there have been so many visitors, a system was developed so that Pokemon Go players could walk the dogs in groups, with one person focusing on the dog while the rest catch Pokemon, so luckily the dog would get enough love and attention. It’s a win-win situ.

Then the National Park Service in the US of A are pleased that Pokemon Go has led to more people visiting their 58 national parks. Biologists are asking users to record the species they come across. University of Guelph entomologist Morgan Jackson told LA Times “I always thought [Pokemon] was a really, really great opportunity to get the natural history and biology community to engage with people who we don’t always get to engage with.” Jackson has started the #PokeBlitz hashtag on Twitter for Pokemon Go players to use when they come across unusual species so scientists can help answer their questions. In this case, Pokemon Go is helping people to become more aware of the animals and insects in their local area, embracing the good old outdoors.

Morgan Jackson 1


Morgan Jackson 2

Whatever you might think of the game, it has dramatically changed people’s behaviour, and with change comes opportunity. Video games are often associated with static inactivity, but Pokemon Go is encouraging people to proactively explore far corners of their neighbourhood, and get an extra dose of sunlight and fresh air whilst discovering both real and virtual creatures. The added bonus is that this has had nothing short of life-enhancing consequences for these abandoned or shelter animals.

Image courtesy of Wendy’s Misfits/GoFundMe, Morgan Jackson/Twitter, David Steen/Twitter, Sara Perez, Muncie Animal Shelter/Facebook, Houston SPCA/Facebook.

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Good News for Animals: July 2016 Edition

In the past week, there’s been a flurry of news sure to bring a smile to the face of us animal lovers. Fighting for animal rights is a dark and difficult business, so we think it’s all the more important to emphasise and enjoy the victories when they happen. Check out our vegan news round-up from May for more treasure from 2016 to swoon over.

Lead Singer of Paramore Launches Vegan Hair Dye Line


Hayley Williams, lead singer of American rock band Paramore, is officially launching her cruelty-free vegan hair dye line! The new brand, goodDYEyoung “is here, it’s sever, & it’s happening” according to their Facebook page. Hayley Williams is known for the vibrant hues of her barnet, so it seems only right that she should launch a bold and vibrant hair dye brand. “I really can’t wait to paint everyone’s hair in the whole world,” says Hayley. “I can dye happy now!

Willow Cup Indistinguishable From Animal Milk


Willow Cup has made a big splash in the animal-free milk world, with a brand new line of “dairy indulgences” made entirely from plants. Currently their bottled latté drink only retails in a few shops in San Francisco, with ice creams and coffee creamers appearing in supermarkets in 2017. If all bodes well for this start-up plant-based brand, perhaps they’ll be expanding to our shores. With all the coverage this brand has received in the past week, one thing’s for certain – they’ve certainly hit the ground running.

Obama Administration Bans Slaughtering Downer Calves


The Humane Society of the United States have had a very worthwhile victory in improving the welfare of farm animals. Sadly, cattle too sick, injured or weak to walk to their own slaughter (downed cattle) were being mistreated. The 2009 federal regulation that banned killing downed cattle for human consumption was a good step forward, but sadly it didn’t include downer calves. Now finally the loophole has been closed, so these calves have been saved from further suffering and abuse. This new rule creates a financial incentive for farmers to treat all their calves better. The fight for animal welfare and rights is massive, global and complex, but this particular battle has been won. Well done, Humane Society!

Kat Von D Beauty Launches in UK at Debenhams


Vegan deity Kat Von D’s beauty line will finally be ours, all ours in the UK later this year. Marie Claire broke the news about Kat Von D Beauty exclusively last week, much to the delight of all us cruelty free make up addicts. She’s also recently pledged to reformulate her already mostly vegan make-up line to be totally 100% vegan. Bonus! When her line launches in Debenhams, we’ll have a feast of Tattoo Eyeliners, Immortal Lash 24 Hour Mascaras and Interstellar Eyeshadows. The only catch is we have to wait until mid September, but then again, maybe it will take a solid 2 months to choose which of these beautiful vegan beautifiers to buy first.

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Introducing our Autumn Winter 2016 Collection!

We’ve been hard at work at Beyond Skin Headquarters, selecting fabrics, choosing designs, editing spec sheets and liaising with our factory in a whirlwind of busyness over the summer. And we’re beyond excited to announce that today is finally the unveiling of our new collection! We have more styles in the pipeline that will be online soon, and still more arriving in our later deliveries, but here’s our first batch of newness for you to sink your teeth into. These shoes are all now officially open for pre-orders, which have an automatic Early Bird Discount automatically applied, so snap up a deal on your favourite new styles pronto! All shoes are lined with 100% recycled faux leather with a plant-based coating, making these friendly to animals and the planet.

Tiger Faux Suede Loafer-Style Slip-Ons

Vegan Shoes

Designed exclusively for World Animal Protection UK to roar loudly in support of their campaign to end the use of wild animals in entertainment. Tigers should be wild and free, not used for photo props for tourists. 10% of each sale goes to World Animal Protection. Find out more about their Wildlife. Not Entertainers campaign here.

Dora Block Heel Courts in Black & Grey Dogtooth

Dora Black Grey 3

Granny chic courts with tights for work or with denim for the weekend, and a comfy block heel for everyday walking. The black faux leather heel makes this style easily matched with any of colour of the rainbow.

Biker Faux Leather Vegan Boots


A classic comfy staple to pair with jeans (and big fluffy socks in the winter).

Poppy Faux Leather & Faux Suede T-Bar Mary Janes in Black

Poppy 3

Cute T-Bar Mary Janes for your work feet. Professional and feminine for the Girl Boss vibe.

Terrie Faux Leather & Faux Suede Oxford in Brown

Terrie Brown 3 (1)

Easy brown Oxford shoes for continuous round the clock use in all situations with all outfits, forever and ever, amen. Wear with turned up trousers and a ruffle shirt for a dash of androgyny.

Viva Block Heel in Black & White Dogtooth

Viva Black White 3

Similar to Dora but with an edgier block heel and in black & white. Offset with colour block red or blue trousers to add a contemporary edge.

Elf Over-The-Knee Faux Suede Boots


Get suited and booted in our seriously hot boots, best matched with trousers or a mini skirt for maximum effect.

Lucy B Faux Leather Brogues in Black

Lucy B Black 3

Lucy B in black is so office-friendly that we think every office in the world should have at least someone wearing a pair. Plus, the EVA sole is so crazy comfortable that you could do the commute in them without breaking a sweat.

Alexis Faux Leather & Faux Suede Lace Ups in Black


This edgy vintage-inspired style is an office-to-bar shoe, and would work a treat with a pencil skirt, trousers or dark skinny jeans.

Patti Faux Suede & Faux Leather Sandals in Black & Gold


The metallic trim gives this an edge of glamour in more ways than one, and the stiletto heel makes these the ideal heels for a night out on the town, living the high life (11cm high to be exact). Wear with a loose-fitting white dress and a statement gold necklace at a bar, sipping from a martini at a luxurious bar in the city, darling.

Viola Faux Leather Mary Jane Courts

Viola Black 3

Another of our pretty vintage-inspired office-friendly courts with delicate brogue detailing and a comfortable mid heel.

Alexis Faux Leather Lace-Ups in Black & Dogtooth

Alexis Black White 3

The next logical step after the Alexa (as worn by Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch), ideal for adding whimsy to your look.

Charlie Faux Snakeskin Pumps in Metallic Navy

Charlie Blue Snake 3

This faux snakeskin print gives this style a more gothic edge. This material is proof that it’s totally unnecessary to end the lives of hundreds of thousands of snakes every year for shoes and bags, when there are exact replicas that are completely cruelty-free.

Deli Faux Leather & Suede Courts with Ankle Strap in Black

Deli Black Suede 3

This style is a pretty choice for the office, with delicate retro-inspired detailing that’s sure to give you a lift every time you look down at your feet in these beauties.

Dandy Faux Leather Chelsea Boots in Brown

Dandy Brown 3

Our Chelsea boots were a smash hit, so here they are again in brown, easily matched with jeans for an easy chilled weekend vibe.

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